Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Did you ask the right questions?

I think I need to start keeping a tally of where a semi-recent article on marriage stands in the "most emailed" section of the NY Times. Originally published on December 17th, it has remained one of the 10 most popular stories. It will move up and down (it dangled at 9 for about a 1/2 day, then moved back up to 5), but has yet to leave the list.

Currently, it sits at #4. It's been there for over three weeks, and it is #4. It's not like it's been a slow news time...

It isn't a long article - it lasts 301 words. Just a simple listing of questions you should ask prior to marriage, without any fanfare. My current favorite is number 12: "What does my family do that annoys you?" Not "Does my family annoy you?" but what about them is annoying. I guess it's universal...

Who are all of you people that keep emailing this? And why aren't you talking to your significant others?

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