Sunday, January 14, 2007

1/2 marathon completed!

I am sitting in Phoenix, having finished my first 1/2 marathon. All went very well; I think I beat my goal time by about 5 minutes. I may never actually find out, as my last time didn't seem to register. Perhaps the chip on my shoe went funky. If that's the case, it'll just be a forever mystery. Or maybe I speeded up to 6 minute miles for the last stretch? You'll never know...

In the end, I think I averaged about a 10:12 mile time. Good enough for me!

It was a cold morning (35 degrees?), and at the starting line we all huddled in the rays of sun that we could find. After 30 minutes of letting al of those in front of us launch, off we went. I saw some shirts that made me cry (who wouldn't cry at the guy who is running for his son in Iraq?), some silly outfits (superheroes, people in dresses, etc.), and lots of people simply doing their thing. It was great.

The orange I ate after finishing was perhaps the best orange I have ever eaten. The hot shower I took when I got home was perhaps the best shower ever. I love my warm, dry socks. Life is good.

I am surprisingly peppy for having gotten not much sleep last night (too excited), and running 13 miles. One of my friends who came to spectate is watching the Patriots game (read: napping), and I am off to walk around with my other friend.

The only thing I really need to get on our outing is some coffee from Quick Trip - it's a gas station/convenience store that has an amazingly wide array of warm beverages to mix and match. Kind of like Jelly Belly jellybeans, but hot and liquid. It is akin to crack... My last mixture was s'mores hot chocolate and coffee (a great white trash mocha) - I may just make that addictive little beverage again.

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hlh said...

CONGRATULATIONS! we were thinking of you, knowing you were chugging along.

what was the temp in phoenix? the first time i landed there (at 10pm) i walked outside and melted to the ground. it was 104 -- and did i mention it was 10pm?!?