Tuesday, January 23, 2007

How can it only be Tuesday?

This week is molasses. I feel like it should already be next Wednesday...

Our home has dried out at this point, and if I were 10 years younger I might be up for letting the ceiling mess stay for a while. As this stage, though, I think I should be more adult and work on getting it fixed.

The insurance people sent out a claims inspector to check it out, and she estimated the cost at around $200 higher than our deductible. She also let me know that we could potentially lose our "no claims filed" discount of $207 if we went ahead with things. Stinky. So I closed the claim, and we'll find another way to git 'r done. Suffice it to say you may come over for dinner and find there is a hole in the kitchen ceiling...

The claims person was nice. We ended up talking for a while. There is a part of my aura that encourages relative strangers to tell me their personal details, and thus I know that she had gastric bypass surgery in October. And that she still throws up a lot of her food.

Sometimes, I wish I didn't have this part of my aura.

On the bright side, it is nearly 5pm and it's still light outside. I am going to head out running from my office tonight, as it is flatter here than at my home. I am not really in the mood to have the last mile of my run be uphill. I'm feeling ready to nap right about now, but I credit that to the fact that I live in a cube world and have had one too many meetings today. That just doesn't inspire activity. Once I hit the chilly winter air I'll be fine.

Goal is 6 miles. I made a bet with myself that if I didn't run 75 miles in January, I'd give up chocolate for all of February. I'm going to hold myself to it, and can't imagine going all of February without chocolate. Shortest month or not, it's a long time. I thought the half marathon would put me ahead of the game, but it acutally put me behind, given the days I took off before and after. My own naivite got me.

That said, I'm off to layer up and get out there.

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