Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Manchester morning sights

Three things work noting this morning:

1. I saw someone running near my neighborhood. A rare and pleasant sighting!

2. As I approached a stop sign about two blocks from my office, I noticed a fire truck approaching. I held still. As I sat there, a total of seven fire trucks and the firechief's red SUV arrived. Never have I seen so many trucks in one place, outside of the news. All the firefighters ran to a house that didn't appear to be on fire. So, either it was a major drill, or a major false alarm. The firefighters looked pretty disappointed that there was nothing to save.

I wonder if it was just a cat stuck in a tree?

3. Entering work from a back door, I watched as two women stood by a dumpster, smoking. It is maybe 15 degrees out there. The whole scene was pretty ugly. What an unfortunate addiction.

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