Monday, January 29, 2007

Untapped genious

One of my projects at the moment is creating a birthday card that takes advantage of schmancy analytics to create a personalized message indicating what tests and treatments you may be looking at in the coming year. People like birthday cards, and we like engaging with people about their health. So, win win.

We're working on content that is all very professional sounding, meaning it's pretty blah and safe. For fun, I submitted the following for consideration:

1. Ode to Prevention
Prevention’s a word oft bandied about
But what does it mean, and what happens without?
Some quick, simple tests that your doc can arrange
Will give you some insight on your target range
For cholesterol, lipids, blood pressure and more
Peace of mind is a gift you can’t find in a store!

2. A Seussian Birthday
We hear it’s your birthday!
Hoorah and hooray!
So have you been eating
Five fruits every day?

In the year that is coming
We wish you the best
And want to remind you
Of some treatments and tests

3. Hallmark Tryouts
A flu shot, a Pap test, perhaps a vaccine,
When did you last have your cholesterol screened?
It’s a lot to keep track of
And that’s why we’re here
To help keep you healthy
In each passing year!

Haiku, limericks, and beat poetry available upon request.

I think they'll go with a more traditional approach...


taiyungok said...

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Stewart Landers said...

I like these, especially the five fruits a day one. Maybe you could come up with one for the HPV vaccine, since it will be aimed at 12 year old women who might be susceptable to the Hallmark approach....