Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I think there's something larger going on...

In checking the NY Times just now, I saw that the article I've been tracking re: questions to ask prior to marriage, continues to rank among the top 10 most emailed. It sits comfortably at #9. In reviewing the larger list, there seems to be a pattern is emerging... At #4 is an article from June 2006 that compares dolphin training to marriage relations. True animal husbandry, if I were to make a pun of it.

And sitting at #1? An article exploring a recently released factoid revealing a slight majority of women are now living sans spouse. It seems they are referring solely to male-female relationships in this one, so I may falsely be counted in the majority on that one. I doubt same sex marriages (or equivalents, pending your state of residence) would tip the scales, but it's worth noting.

So, either the NY Times is semi-obsessed with relationships, or it's readership is.

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Anonymous said...

Interestingly, I saw both the list of marriage questions and the women living sans spouse stories within the last 2 weeks on the Today Show. I think that's what's keeping these stories afloat on the NYT! :D