Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My television debut

I am about to share something secret and private with you. Something I'm almost ashamed to admit... I visited the L Word website. There - I said it.

The show is like a train wreck, you know? Each week we watch, each week we ask why we watch, and then we watch again the next week.

On my brief visit to the site, I saw the growing list of characters, and noticed that one is named Jodi (spelled correctly, I might add). Upon further investigation I discovered that Marlee Matlin is joining the cast as an "intensely talented and free-spirited sculptor" who will eventually sleep with Bette. I wonder if, when it eventually happens, Bette will be wearing the fabulous white Stella McCartney suit that she wore in seasons past. Now that would be hot.

It seems the L Word may become the next Will and Grace. High profile cameos and whatnot. People showing they aren't afraid to play gay or gay friend. I don't think that came about on Queer as Folk - maybe it's because that show was truly unwatchable...

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hlh said...

while you're at it, if you haven't already, you should visit After Ellen's section on the L-Word. Their re-caps are priceless, and most of the commentary is pretty colorful.

I haven't been there yet this season -- sort of my own little boycott. I will watch the show (it's basically the only time we get together w/ that particular group of friends), but I will bitch and moan and complain that it is the worst piece of crap soap opera on tv. :)