Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bag of goodies

I am at Midway airport, waiting to catch a flight home. It didn't take nearly as long as I thought it would to get here, so I am, as they say in Boston, wicked early.

An announcement just came over the PA system:
"Attention passengers: if you just passed through the TSA checkpoint and left a bag of goodies behind, please return to the checkpoint to claim it. Again, if you left a bag of goodies at the security checkpoint, please come to claim it. If you are missing a bag of goodies, please come check the security checkpoint."

What could be in that bag of goodies? Jelly beans? Shampoo and other assorted creams? Yellow cake?

A watched an older man lose his toothpaste to a less-than-patient TSA agent. I felt bad for the guy. I also feel bad for the earth, as we are filling landfills with products that otherwise would not be trash. I am semi-convinced that this is all Halliburton related, making us use more plastic bags to repackage packaged goods. Plastic is, after all, petroleum. Less convenience for you, more money for oil.

We all need a little inner conspiracy theorist.

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pacmandogbert said...

I fly in and out of Midway a few times a year and am sure that all the confiscated items I've seen are making our country stupider, not safer.