Friday, April 6, 2007

Back to the beltway...

I can't tell if this week flew by, or was agonizingly long. I made a point of taking Monday off to rest from the previous weekend's fun. Unfortunately I've made up the hours this week due to a new project and long hours associated with it.

In the middle of it all we got just under a foot of snow. One of the prettiest snowfalls of the season, actually. The snow was bright and heavy, and covered every branch of the naked trees. It was like living in a black and white photograph. On my way into work, I saw several people out with their cameras, so I know I wasn't alone in my thoughts.

Tonight P and I fly back to DC, this time for a wedding shower. With Sunday being Easter, our friends largely have plans involving family or painted eggs. I think we'll just take the chance to walk around the city.

Not much else to report. I'm knee deep in the review of a technical document (this is my brief respite), so every other thought running through my head has to do with VXML, DNIS, APIs, and other acronyms that are important, but uninteresting to the general public.

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