Thursday, April 12, 2007

Another 500km

I have been lax in my posting of late - not to say that there hasn't been anything to write about, but sometimes the creative energy just isn't there. Meaning I need to remeber that there is life outside of work, even on the busy days.

P and I had a nice litle evening last night. Post work I ventured out in to the snowstorm to get some food shopping done (dangerously low on bananas, for one thing) and I came home to the smell of a fire in the fireplace. Dinner by the fire, then watched the season finale of Friday Night Lights. Oh please let this show be renewed! I get at least one decent cry per episode; it's good for keeping my tear ducts cleared of debris.

P ended the fire by burning the remaining documents we have from one of our friends who is a lawyer for a number of Guantanamo Bay detainees. She left a pile of unneeded documents with us about two years ago, so she wouldn't have to carry them back to San Francisco, and they have become kindling ever since. There's a strange sort of irony to burning these at this moment, given the email debacle that Karl Rove wishes would just go away. Here's hoping he doesn't devise another way to divert attention - be on the lookout for bombs falling on Iran in the coming days...

On the running front, we've been impacted in good ways by the recent snow. Knowing the storm was coming got me out of bed yesterday morning, knowing I would only want to go home after work. Paula Radcliffe was in my ears again post run, telling me she hoped I was feeling great, because I was certainly doing great - another 500km! Which actually translates to about 4 miles. I am trying to think of some correlation to the Canadian dollar here...

Wednesday morning there was a power outage for a large swath of Manchester. I arrived at the gym hoping to lift a weight or two, and found that it was eerily quiet (which I liked) and cold (didn't like so much). The poor guy on duty summed it up thusly: "Power went out at 6, and it just keeps getting colder."

Fortuitously, I ran into a friend and enticed her to hit the streets with me instead. So we went back to her house, picked up her dog, and logged some outdoor miles. I ditched the iPod seeing as how I was with someone else, and it was really lovely to not think about how fast or far we were going. I am guessing three miles, but whatev. It was a beautiful morning and we were out in it. Running for running's sake.

Good luck to those who'll be running in Boston on Monday!

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