Sunday, March 18, 2007

Vacation redux

We are stuck in Florida. Not a terrible place to be stuck, all things considered. The airport is a madhouse (cruise ship passengers + cancelled flight passengers + new flight passengers + broken computers and kiosks = very, very, long lines and short tempers) so we are sticking close to the apartment until we absolutely have to leave.

It is a bit of a comedy, and we don't exactly know when we'll be coming home... It's sort of liberating, in a way. Of course all of our charging cords (phone, iPod, etc.) are packed in our checked bags, which are somewhere between here and MHT. So here we are, in our one set of dark northeastern clothes, hanging around Florida.

We did try to make it home last night, and at first it all went incredibly smooth. We checked our bags outside, and there was no one on the security line. Too easy, we thought. Too good a start.

Then, we started to see what a mess the airline industry is in these days... Zero organization, crappy computer software, no staffing plan for these times when they are swamped. I understand even more now why people fly private jet services.

At last count, our rearranged flight details are hand written on a piece of either dot matrix printer paper or restroom towel (we couldn't tell). We are trusting that our new airline employee friend Jim is going to get us on a plane sometime before, oh, Tuesday? Hopefully sooner.

In the interim, we have had a really good bagel breakfast, gotten some playing cards, and are making the best of it.

Sunny and 80 here in Fort Lauderdale!

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