Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Countdown to vacation

P&Me are heading on vacation next week, and it's pretty much all I am thinking about. My happy place, so to speak.

It's very cold here. Cold enough that even I, who is not a fan of small talking the weather (unless it is for some sort of meteorological phenomena type of chit chat). Running inside only until further notice, lest the cilia in my nose freeze.

Did I mention that I am looking forward to vacation?

Got a work bonus this week, which is just in time for the vaca. Booked us a cool room in a B&B in Key West for a couple of nights, and a fancy dinner is guaranteed. This is the one perk of working for the Man. That and paying the mortgage and bills while P toils away in residency... Small details.

Someone in my office is having lunch on the early side today - I can smell it from my desk. I don't know what it is, but it smells really good... Which reminds me of my lunch in Portland yesterday at Federal Spice. I go there almost everytime I am in P-land. So friggin' good. One of the many delicious looking specials they had yesterday was a sweet potato and banana quesadilla, with peanut sauce on the side. To say it was yummy is a vast understatement. I love that they love food.

Did I mention that I am looking forward to vacation? Clearly feeling punchy as a result.

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