Tuesday, March 6, 2007

This is the week leading up to a week of vacation. That means that I am trying, on a daily basis, to remain focused on work and not mentally fly away.... Tough.

We are heading to Florida for the week. I never really envisioned myself a Florida kind of girl, but with access to an apartment and car, it makes it a very appealing spot. Plus, we've been there a few times now, so it is familiar enough without being too familiar. I have to admit, I like Fort Lauderdale.

Mostly we'll be in Laudy, with a trip down to Miami for Calle Ocho and then a few days in Key West. I am not sure if I will love or hate Key West - seems like the kind of place that can feel like Mardis Gras on a daily basis. I am sure there's a quiet side to it, and that's the side I'm going to seek.

Upon sharing the travel plans with a coworker this morning, they suggested we have a meal at CHeeseburger in Paradise. The Jimmy Buffet chain restaurant. That, to me, is as appealing as eating at Chili's or Applebee's.

Anyways, I'm looking forward to going for runs in warm weather, and with no big constraints on my time. This week I've literally had to sit with my calendar and plan on when I would be able to fit in time for running... I was able to run outside this past weekend which was great, but the rest of this week is looking too cold and windy for that. Yesterday morning I was on the treadmill, and that's likely where I'll be tomorrow... I much prefer being outside (for running or otherwise), but with winter comes compromise. Thus I am very excited to run outside anytime next week. Along a beach, even!!

This week at work has been somewhat trying, largle due to a coworker who is particularly negative. On one level I am sad for her, as the way she treats people is clearly indicative of an unhappy person. On another level I am done with her treating me and others like they are beneath her.

Her latest was to indicate that my appraoch to work was "unfortunate" because I am willing to allow for flexibility in any given process. You know, allow for a human element. Generally I let her little digs roll off of me, but sometimes it gets to me. This was one of those times.

Not cool, you know?

So, to bring it all full circle, I am very much looking forward to the week in Florida.


Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Some vacation math for you:

(Flat + Warm) X Free Time = Running in Florida

You'll have a great time, and plan at least one or two runs at a sub-10 mile/minute pace. Don't overthink it; as the Nike marketing department would say, just do it. And don't forget to reward yourself later...

hlh said...

so, i hear you're going on vacation. florida, is it? :D

have a great week and enjoy your time in the sweet pad with the sweet car.

Jodi said...

Yes, can not wait for the vacation. I can taste it!

Good thinking on the sub-10. It's in my head. With the flats and the warmth, I'll aim for a 6-8 miler in sub 10. The Cherry Blossom race is only three weeks away - yahoo!