Friday, March 30, 2007

DC Trip, take 1

Tomorow is the first weekend of two subsequent weekends that I'm headed to DC. This time around it's for the road race I've been going on and on about in past posts. My boarding pass is printed, my laundry is progressing, and I have no other plans for the evening. Perfect!

I have always loved Friday nights. All the possibility of the weekend lies ahead.

When I went running yesterday, I felt really good. One of those mysterious good days, where you suddenly have the energy to keep on going. I stopped around 5 miles, mostly because I had to get home. I also liked ending on a high note, and I'll keep that confidence with me when I'm at the starting line Sunday morning.

Aside from the running, I'm totally looking forward to seeing friends while in DC. I'll stay with the two that are running with me, and visit with others. I am secretly hoping that we all get together for a post-birthday celebration (I turned another year this past Tuesday). I largely hid the birthday thing around my office, as I wanted to avoid any chance that someone would invite me to a meeting only to find coworkers in a conference room with yellow cake. Forced conversation would ensue, I would feel the need to entertain and be witty, my humor would bomb, and I'd get desperate to leave.

That's how I picture it in my head, anyways.

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