Sunday, June 10, 2007

When you're hot you're hot...

And when you're not...

Friday was one of those running days that you look back upon and think, "that was one of the bad ones." There are days you feel like a champ, and days that suck. Friday was closer to the suck end of the spectrum.

Here's a small sample of the things flashing through my head whilst running:
  1. I'm tired
  2. I miss Ichabod
  3. I hope the new cat and Abner get along eventually
  4. I can't wait to get home so we can officially release New Cat from the bathroom and let her explore the house
  5. I'm beat
  6. Why am I running? I'm beat.
  7. You set a mileage goal this month. This is the last little bittle of it.
  8. Technically you're already there, if you include the 4 miler sans Nano last week.
  9. I want it to be "official"
  10. What happens if I don't hit one of the goals I set on the Nike+ site? Is there negative feedback?
  11. Why do I care so much what a computer thinks of me?
  12. It's not the computer - it's you v. you, idiot. That's part of why you run.
  13. Maybe I won't run the whole loop
  14. Do I like to run on Friday afternoons?
  15. What a long week at work.
  16. Next week isn't going to be any better.
  17. I need to work on that presentation for Monday...
  18. Am I going really slow?
  19. What happened to my headphones? Why is the left earpiece blinking in and out?
  20. How annoying that the sound keeps flipping on and off on my left.
  21. I wonder what's causing that? [tests various arm positions]
  22. Maybe I should make "Holiday" [Green Day, not Madonna] my "power song"
  23. Screw you, left earpiece. These headphones are done.
  24. Maybe I should make "Holiday" [Madonna, not Green Day] my "power song"
  25. I'm tired.
  26. I do like running Friday afternoons. It's one of my favorite times of the week.
  27. You know, you don't have to run the whole loop if you are just going to be miserable.
  28. I hope the cats start to like each other...

And so on and so forth. No focus, no concentration. I turned around after 1.5 miles and came back home. Total distance: 3.2 miles.

PS - New Cat has a new name. Ramona. P wanted to name her Fannypack Shizzlestein (Fanny for short), but I couldn't really see myself talking about our cat Fanny. So now she's Ramona Fannypack Shizzlestein. Pictures soon to follow.

1 comment:

Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Ramona ! Nice name. I thought about 'Oona', a variation of 'Ooma' or 'Uma', but I 'm too late. by the way, Oona is a fairly popular crossword puzzle answer (Eugene O'Neill's daughter; Charlie Chaplin's wife), but I'm just plain weird about stuff like that. Maybe next time.

Well, Ramona it is, and congratulations again on getting the new kid in town... too bad about that run where the mind races faster than the feet. Happens to me about once every couple of months. And I'd cast my vote for Madonna over Green Day, though a really great 'holiday' tune that beats them both is 'A Lover's Holiday' by Change, from the early 80s.