Friday, May 25, 2007

The gift that keeps on giving

The neighbors who live across the street from us are an interesting pair. They are an older gay couple, who have been together for 40 years. Very sweet on each other. Both named Dick.

They are the type of neighbors who keep a close eye on your house. This is nice in that they are like a personal neighborhood watch program, but it gets a little creepy when they tell you about the daily activities of your cat. The cat is small - do they use binoculars?

Their names have always amused us, particularly when we are trying to distinguish them from one another. Tall Dick/short Dick? Big Dick/small Dick? There's just no getting around it.

They have taken a liking to us since the day we moved in, perhaps because we are another homo couple on the block, or perhaps because we are much quieter than the renters who live to their left. Whatever the reason, they have periodically gifted us with things, like firewood when they ripped up their floors.
Yesterday's gift, though, was one to remember.

I wasn't home, but P was. Tall Dick came over with a box in hand. He indicated that they were going through some things and preparing to give stuff to a local Goodwill-type store. This particular item, however, didn't seem like one that should go there... Plus, he said, we entertain a lot, and we might get some use from it. With that, he handed her the box.

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you: the penis mold.

How could we say no? Tall Dick giggled a bit, and P almost peed her pants. Both due to the gift as well as the absurdity of a 75 year old man presenting this to her with the thought that it would get good use.

Think about it: they sat in their house, potentially watching us, and discussed this item. "P and J would love this!" they said at some point. Then they had to find a good time to come over and present it to us...

What's a girl to do? Might as well put it to good use. So, as long as we are heading to the drive-in tonight (so excited for that, by the way), we made some brownies. Penis-shaped brownies.


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Mr. Satan A. Chilles said...

Well, I gotta say, this is a rather unique story. The crickets chirping in the background means you can't really improve or add anything to this, uh, post. And that is what makes it kind of special, you can't comment without slipping into double entendre (or is that single entendre?) and returning to the sixth grade.

Anyway, thanks for the fun story, it must be true because you couldn't make this stuff (there it goes again) up. Nice that both neighbors are named Dick... I went by Dickie during the larval stage, later that changed to Dick for about ten minutes, so it all makes sense to me, somehow.

Brownies? Now what does that mean? Ha!

Well, keep on baking, and keep on running... thanks for the laughs, you never know where they'll come from. Damn, did it again!