Friday, April 30, 2010

Virtual and actual life connecting

I've been using Twitter since, oh, 2006.  And in that time I've watched it evolve.  Participated in that evolution, for that matter.  What was once a way for me and some friends to broadcast random observations or clever (to us) commentary has become a powerful tool for networking, professional development, and research.

Of course, I still continue to use it for the random observation/clever (to me) commentary aspect as well.

Thus, when I received the following email last week, I was reminded first hand how much Twitter has made an impact:

NASA Tweetup logo"Congratulations, your registration to attend the STS-132 Tweetup on May 13-14 at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida has been selected! The two-day event will provide you with the opportunity to speak with shuttle technicians, engineers, astronauts, and managers and to view the launch of space shuttle Atlantis to the International Space Station that is targeted for 2:19 p.m. EDT, May 14. The Tweetup will also include a "meet and greet" session for participants to mingle with fellow Tweeps and the team behind the tweets from @NASA."

I kinda can't get over it - I'm headed to Florida to watch the shuttle propel into space.  From the press site. And meet NASA personnel involved in the shuttle.  Not to mention some of the personnel behind NASA's social media efforts which have been, if I may be so bold with a pun, stellar.
 STS-132 patch.png
NASA has for some time been taking advantage of social media tools.  Blogs, Flickr, Facebook, Ustream, YouTube, podcasts, iPhone/iTouch apps...  And of course Twitter.

Having never been to a Tweetup before, I'm not exactly sure what to expect.  I do know, however, that I am a few weeks away from a tremendous real world experience that I'll remember forever.

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