Tuesday, November 20, 2007

early morning run

Things that made yesterday morning’s run memorable:

  • Watching someone take advantage of the early morning light to take pictures of Spy Pond and its inhabitants
  • Seeing Spy Pond in the early morning light
  • Passing a young boy who was nearly invisible beneath his bundles of clothing, happily pedaling his training-wheeled bicycle a few feet behind his mom
  • Feeling like I was wearing the perfect balance of clothing – not too hot, not too cold (this is an ongoing quest)
  • Running to mellower music than usual. It was just that kind of morning.
  • Hitting a groove, finding a stride, and knowing that I was speeding up without any extra perceived effort.
  • Being out and about just as the sun is coming up, making up for the fact that it sets so early these days.

1 comment:

mindy said...

Every day should be so wonderful!