Thursday, August 2, 2007

If I was a better capitalist

P turned me on to a local t-shirt store that I recommend you visit for all of your various t-shirt needs. Nice people, local business, good shirt material, and entirely customizable. Makes it all too easy to go overboard wth snarky little messages.

We ordered my brother in law a giftie there, specifically a shirt that reads, "Muggle." Harry Potter fan and all that. I hadn't seen one around, so we had it made. The store owner places every new design in a book on the counter for customers to browse, with our shirt being the latest addition.

Lo and behold, prior to me even picking up the thing, someone else ordered it from the book. And others have expressed interest.

I'm kinda peeved, as he gets the credit for our idea, but I figure that we aren't the only one with a muggle shirt, and I'd like to guy to stay in business. If I were a better capitalist I'd have a warehouse of random ideas that think could sell.

Maybe I can find someone to help me with my latest concept involving hot liquids....

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laurenz said...

AH! So a few years back I saw a tee-shirt that read "Is it me you're looking for?" and included Lionel Richie's mug. Haven't been able to find it and BOY do I want one. Do you think this store could provide?

XO, Lauren